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Brick Type Size (mm)
Imperial (1840s) 235x115x66
Imperial (after 1784) 230x115x63 (special order)
Imperial (1725-1784) 225x108x63
Imperial (1571-1725) 225x108x57
Metric 215x103x65 (special order)

Note: Pluckley Wood-Fired bricks have a high compressive strength, low water absorption and an F2 freeze thaw resistance ie suitable for use in conditions of severe exposure. The production process, although authentic, is inherently primitive and there may be a wide dimensional variation according to kiln location. Please call us to discuss your specification requirements.

Our standard bricks are £1800 per thousand ex works and ex VAT. The bricks are sorted and stacked on pallets of 500; each pallet load typically weighing between 1.31 and 1.46 tonne, for frogged and frogless bricks respectively.

This price will increase to £1900 per thousand ex works and ex VAT on the 7th March 2017.

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Specials and brick matching service

We will produce any brick shape or type to order including decorative chimney stacks, corbling, rubbed gauged arches (either as a composite lintel or traditional set). We will work from an Architect's or Surveyor's drawings but, in the context of conservation, will always prefer to visit the site before accepting a commission.

We can match bricks from the Tudor period onwards and will take particular care to match the size, regularity, colour and texture of the originals. This may include grass or hay impressions made when the bricks were laid out in the field or yard in the first stage of drying or skintling marks left when the same bricks were stacked in low walls in hacksteads and covered for the second drying stage by straw or wooden boards. The same attention will be applied to the arrises, which may have become rounded in the process of handling during the drying stages, and so on.

Price on application.

and example of special brick work

Orders and payment

Plan for a typical order turnaround of 8-10 weeks from acceptance. In the first instance, please call us to discuss your requirements. A 50% non refundable deposit is required to confirm the order, with the balance to be paid to confirm either delivery or collection.


The Pluckley Brick Company will uphold this tradition with a pledge to produce zero carbon bricks within 15 years; this will mean that from the initial clay extraction to arrival on site, the overall carbon footprint will be zero. This will demand the coordination of brick production with forest management and the planting of additional woodland adjacent to the Pluckley quarry.

seasoned split logs a bluebell wood


All our products, without exception, should be bedded in lime mortar. Lime mortars not only look better than cement mortars, they are also more environmentally friendly to manufacture and build mechanical resilience into a wall, cushioning the brick against the ill effects of frost and humidity, in all cases reducing the risk of spalling.

A typical mortar bed should be no more than 3/8" or 10mm for new brickwork. In the case of restoration or brick matching, then clearly the original brickwork will set the precedent; Tudor bricks may be quite irregular in shape and need upwards of 5/8" mortar. 

Chalk Down Lime has a comprehensive knowledge of conservation lime mortars and plasters and stocks an extensive range all lime related products; it is also a training hub for those seeking to learn a new skill or for those seasoned professionals looking to adapt existing skills to lime based products. 

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